Become a Polite Plumbers Franchise Partner.

Elevate your plumbing business to new heights with Polite Plumbers’ expertise, support, and solutions.

Polite Plumbers

Plumbing Franchise Partner Opportunity with Polite Plumbers in New Zealand.

Proven Plumbing Franchise systems, services, resources, and robust support.

polite plumbers franchise opportunity in new zealand

Elevate your plumbing business to new heights with Polite Plumbers' Franchise partner expertise, support, and solutions.

By becoming a plumbing franchise partner, you’ll tap into our proven systems, services, resources, and robust support, designed to expand your business capabilities and increase your market reach. Benefit from the collective strength of our network of plumbing professionals, all while building your enterprise under the umbrella of a well-established and trusted brand.

How Polite Plumbers Can Elevate Your Business.

With Polite Plumbers, it's about enhancing your service offerings and achieving long-term success.

Polite plumbers franchise

How Polite Plumbers Can Elevate Your Business.

Brand Strength

We manage the brand presence and national marketing so you can focus on what you do best—servicing your customers. With targeted advertising campaigns across radio, digital, and social media platforms, we collaborate with our suppliers to deliver compelling customer promotions that drive business directly to your door.

Advanced Systems

We equip you with leading-edge operating systems designed to streamline your daily operations and improve efficiencies. These tools allow you to minimise time spent on administrative tasks, enabling you to concentrate on growth and client service. Our systems are intuitive and tailored to the needs of plumbing professionals, ensuring you get the best out of technology with minimal complexity.

Powerful Network

Leverage the power of our diverse network of members and suppliers. Our network provides a foundation for success through unmatched support and collaboration with seasoned professionals in the plumbing industry. This community is a resource for sharing best practices, innovative solutions, and cooperative purchasing advantages.

Mentoring & Support

Benefit from continuous mentoring through our dedicated business performance managers. Our team is here to help you pinpoint key areas for growth and provide actionable advice to improve your business performance. Whether it's refining your service offerings, enhancing customer satisfaction, or achieving your financial goals, our support is geared towards fostering your business’s development and success.

"Join us at Polite Plumbers, and we’ll work together to ensure your business is well-connected, supported, and always thriving"

Steve Terblanche - CEO
NZ plumbing franchise

Join us at Polite Plumbers, where we empower you to thrive in a competitive market by providing the tools and support needed to evolve and succeed.

Strong Local Focus with National Support
Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Development
Innovative Technology and Systems
FAQs for Polite Plumbers Franchise Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions.

Polite Plumbers is distinguished by our deep commitment to community involvement and high-quality service. We blend local service with the support of a robust operational system, making each franchise a local favourite backed by innovative practices and comprehensive franchise partner support. Our branding is unique and eye cathing, and will be your biggest tool for being noticed by the public, and hence gain many customers quickly.

Joining Polite Plumbers involves an initial franchise fee for startup support, training, and system access. Ongoing fees include a monthly royalty based on revenue and a contribution to the marketing fund, which supports both national and local advertising efforts

We expect franchise owners to maintain high standards of quality and customer care, actively grow their business, participate in our network, and contribute to system improvements by sharing insights and experiences.

Financial outcomes vary by location and management, but franchisees can expect a period of initial investment with potential for steady revenue and profit growth in subsequent years. We provide financial models based on existing franchise performance to help project potential earnings.

Benefits such as increased operational efficiency and broader service offerings typically manifest within the first few months after completing initial training and system integrations.

We drive demand through national and local marketing campaigns, leveraging digital marketing, social media, and traditional advertising. We also use strong supplier relationships for promotions that boost customer engagement and retention, and our central customer service routes local service requests directly to your business.

Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of running a plumbing business. Ongoing support is provided through a dedicated franchise manager, regular workshops, and peer networking events.

Franchisees benefit from national and regional marketing campaigns, including online advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and local promotions. Customised marketing plans and materials are tailored to your specific market.

Yes, each franchisee receives an exclusive territory to prevent internal competition and maximise market potential.

Qualified franchisees have the opportunity to own multiple units, with support for responsible expansion based on market conditions and individual capability.

Franchise sizes vary, from smaller teams focusing on residential services to larger operations handling extensive residential and commercial contracts. We help determine the optimal business size for your goals and territory.

The process includes an initial inquiry, discussions with our development team, financial and background checks, a discovery day, receiving a franchise disclosure document, and signing the franchise agreement. We support you from training through to your grand opening.

Ideal candidates are motivated entrepreneurs with a commitment to customer service, a background in plumbing or contracting, and a desire to engage with and lead their community effectively.

We support franchisees wishing to sell their franchise by valuing the business, finding a suitable buyer, and ensuring a smooth transition to maintain service standards.

You gain much more than a business network—you become part of a brand that is respected and recognised.


"Very impressed with Polite Plumbers. I sent out an SOS post to the community page saying we had a pipe leak in the roof and I received many recommendations for Polite Plumbers. They were able to come within 1.5 hours of me contacting Dilly and Pieter and co were professional, helpful and did a great job. we would absolutely recommend and use them again!"

Katrina Shepard

"I called Polite Plumbers about rerouting our waterline. They turned up the same day as promised, did the job in an efficient manner, and were entirely pleasant to deal with. I’m happy to recommend Polite Plumbers to anyone needing plumbing work done on the shore to the professional standard that we all want to see and deserve."

Tim Golder

“Polite Plumbers are all about customer service and solution orientated conversation. From the outset and initial contact the team could not be more helpful. They turn up on time, develop solutions and deliver with excellence.Every touch point from customer coordination, communication to execution was legendary”

Sarah Linton

“Can’t thank Polite Plumbers enough. Had a leak under our driveway. Rang them at the end of the day and they were in attendance within the hour, gave great advice to see us through the night. Back first thing next morning with leak detection team and had found the leak and repaired by lunchtime. Thank you so much for such fast and professional service. Recommend, 100%”

Carroll Malone

“I don't often give these out because i don't often find trades people that impress me as much as this company did. the service from start to finish was exceptional, they certainly live up to the company name ! they went over and well above the call of duty - its rare and it was so welcomed!! thank you so much guys your amazing, highly recommend !!”

Terry Connell

“Amazing! Had an after hours leak, Peter was at my property within 40 minutes, sealed it all off, then came back and replaced the whole unit. Super easy to deal with and despite plumbing bills being expensive in general, this team were upfront, honest and I couldn’t have asked for a better plumbing service than we received”

Daniel Hunt
Polite plumbers

Why Choose Polite Plumbers Over Competitors?

Strong Local Focus with National Support.

Polite Plumbers blends the best of both worlds—offering the personalised service of a local business with the robust support of a national brand. Unlike some larger franchises that might feel impersonal to customers, Polite Plumbers maintains a strong community connection, which is critical in the service industry. Each franchise benefits from national-level marketing and operational support, ensuring you can focus on delivering exceptional service while we take care of brand growth and recognition.

Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Development.

We believe that our franchise partners success is our success. Polite Plumbers provides an extensive training program that not only covers the technical aspects of plumbing but also focuses on business operations, customer service, and local marketing strategies. Post initial training, we offer ongoing education and development programs to keep you on the cutting edge of plumbing technologies and business practices. This continuous learning environment helps you adapt and grow in a competitive market.

Exclusive Territories.

Polite Plumbers offers franchise partners exclusive territories, minimising internal competition and maximising your potential market share. This approach allows you to grow your customer base without the worry of overlapping services offered by fellow franchisees within the same brand. This is a significant advantage in building a loyal customer base and enhancing business stability.

Transparent Financial Model.

Polite Plumbers operates with a clear and straightforward financial model. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Our franchise fees and royalties are designed to facilitate your growth and profitability. We provide detailed financial projections based on actual performance data from existing franchises to help you make informed decisions.

Innovative Technology and Systems.

Leveraging technology is at the heart of Polite Plumbers operations. Our franchise partners utilise advanced management software that simplifies scheduling, customer management, and invoicing. These systems improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by ensuring that you can respond to service calls more effectively and manage your workload with greater ease.

Marketing Expertise

We have a dedicated marketing team that works to elevate the brand and attract customers through strategic advertising, including digital marketing, social media, and traditional media. As a franchise partner, you benefit from national campaigns and customized local marketing initiatives designed to drive demand and increase visibility in your specific market.

Join us at Polite Plumbers, where we empower you to thrive in a competitive market by providing the tools and support needed to evolve and succeed.

Strong Local Focus with National Support
Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Development
Innovative Technology and Systems

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